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Do you need a 24-hour plumber in the Granada Hills and San Fernando Valley area? Call our local plumbing experts that has been getting trust throughout the valley since 1996! Our specialists will consult you on what’s going on with your pipes & water heaters. We will get the job the done for a reasonable price! Find out why we’re the best by pressing the button below.

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Granada Hills Plumbing Services

Maybe you’re a homeowner or a someone who manages apartment complexes. Maybe you’re a commercial building owner or someone who runs an office in Granada Hills CA. Call the G Hills Plumbers, we’ll send over a professional to handle the issue.

We provide all kinds of services from basic plumbing fixtures to trenchless projects. Pipe Bursting and CIPP is our way for going about fixing your sewer lines. Serving the west valley community since 1996 we’re proud to say that we put our customers first and when we get the job done. Taking the weight off a customer’s shoulders is the reason why we work because nobody likes an unexpected plumbing situation. If anything getting your septic system checked, getting a sewer video inspection, getting your sewer line replaced, or even getting your backflow tested is the last thing on a typical person’s life.

Furthermore, we understand this from every 91344 local perspectives that’s why we’re able to get to your door ASAP. With no hassle. Most plumbers don’t like working 24/7 but a plumbing situation can happen at any time!

We’re the plumber in Granada Hills that’ll be at your door for a simple 3 am plumbing fixture. Yes, we’re that available. We strive to be the plumbers in the San Fernando Valley possible and by the way of doing that is by showing maximum availability. Give us a call or fill out our submission form if you have any kind of plumbing problem!

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Basic Plumbing Repairs

From Leaky Faucets to Garbage Disposal, to Sump Pump repair we fix all these things very quickly. Give us a call in the 91344 area. In conclusion, we’ll send over our technicians to your home ASAP.

High Pressure Water Jetting

High-Pressure Water Jetting is the way to go if you want your drains cleaned up and don’t want to experience any more blockage in your home or business. Recommended method over snaking or rooting your drains.

Water Heater Repair & Installation

Whether you live in a house or apartments.. water heaters are one of those essential appliances in a person’s home. Who honestly likes taking a shower in cold water? (although it is beneficial in so many ways) nobody is looking forward to a cold shower. So if you want yours repaired or want one installed we’ll send over a technician.

Leak Detection and Repair Service

If you want to avoid significant amount of water damage then it’s really important to get an early leak detection test and probably get an early repair. You’ll save money.. more than you think.

Sewer/Water Line Repair and Installation

Water and Sewer line projects can be a headache. Most plumbing companies try trenching methods to get certain jobs done. The G Hills Plumbing company, however, have the perfect techniques to get the job done within a couple we’ll diagnose your lines if they a Pipe Bursting job or just a simple CIPP job.

Sewer Video Inspection

If you’re moving into a new home or office in the West Valley area it’s always important to get a Sewer Video Inspection.  It’s important to check and see if the pipes don’t have any roots or blockages, also the pipes may be fractured because of how old it is. This service is pretty inexpensive and can be done really quickly. It’ll really take the weight off your shoulders.

Backflow Testing & Prevention

Backflow prevention devices are actually one of the most important devices in daily human life. This device segregates all the shower, toilet and dishwater, from our purified drinking water. Getting your backflow tested can be the small test that can save your business or family from a hazardous situation.

Septic System Pumping and Cleaning

If you have a septic system within your home, you’re probably aware that you need to get this system cleaned or pumped. Keeping up with the maintenance in your septic system will save you from sewage backup and that kind of job can be very costly.

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Freequently Asked Questions

So are you guys really available 24/7?

Yes, we’re really available 24 hours 7 days a week. We strive to be the best and show loads of availability to prove that we are!

What to do if there is rust in my dishwasher?

If there is rust in your dishwasher, a good way to go about is to put a filter on just the hot water pipe to the dishwasher.

So what exactly is a plumbing code?

‘Plumbing Code” defines the most modern method to plumbing installations. A plumbing or sanitation code is a set of rules and regulations implemented by cities, counties, and states. Anyone who tackles any work on involving the installation of drinking water, sewer, or toilet facilities in any building.

Licensed Plumber or Unlicensed Plumber, does it matter?

Plumbers display that they’re competent as installers of plumbing systems to an official executing board prior to being issued a licensed.  

When to assume i have a water leak?

Keep in mind that nobody can really detect a leak themselves. So that doesn’t mean that you don’t have one around your home or business. Listen to your gut. See if the proof is in the pudding. Your water bill is higher than usual and you have warm spots around the building this would be a good indicator that you have a water leak or gas leak.

How to prevent leaks?

Couple things you can do.

Take overall stress off your pipes, measure the water pressure, if your pipes exceed over 60 psi make sure to bring it back to normal (about 30-50 psi)


Add a water softener to your pipes, this can help prevent plumbing damage by removing excess minerals from the water.   


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