Our story started in the San Fernando Valley and it started with one man with a dollar and a dream. His name was Atown and this man started working for local plumbing company here in the San Fernando Valley. He first started specializing in re-piping and as time went he started expanding his knowledge in plumbing. Realizing that he did not like the company he worked for because of the low-quality customer service and how low paid the plumbing employees were, Atown put his foot down. Getting a plumbing company started takes risk and a lot of ambition if you want to generate an efficient revenue. That didn’t stop Atown and he was dedicated to providing great customer service and made sure that his employees were getting treated right and getting paid for their amazing skill set. With these two focuses Atown grew the company and now he runs a steady business named the G Hills Plumbers here in Granada Hills, California. 

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over 20 years of experience

Since 1996 the G Hills Plumbers have been serving the 91344 area and have been building trust & a solid foundation with the Granada Hills locals.

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We’ll give you a free estimate with no charge, we like to let the local homeowners and business-owners what exactly they’re paying for.