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Leaking Hose Bibb

It may seem like this will be an easy “DIY” kind of job but in reality, this job needs to be looked at by experts. No, we’re not trying to knock anybody plumbing skills but if you don’t know what you’re doing then we recommend to call a Granada Hills Plumber. Sometimes the job involves penetrating the wall or going under the house to work on the piping behind the faucet, the complexity will impact the cost. A poorly installed hose bib or pipe could lead to a slow leak inside your walls that won’t be visible until the damage is REALLY done.

As you can see my friend doing this type of job is a serious job that requires an experienced plumber and it’s not your typical “handyman DIY” kind of job. If you get our team we will get this job situated very quickly.

Sump Pump Failure 

A sump pump is manufactured to push water through a discharged pipe and away from your home’s foundation. When the sump pump in your home fails, the result ends in water damage and a flooded basement. It doesn’t take a lot of water to start taking damage, having a little bit of standing water can lead to mold formation.


So if you want to avoid sump pump problems and want to avoid a fat water damage bill, listen up because we’re about to list some symptoms.

  1. Sometimes a single pump isn’t enough, if your sump pump isn’t the right size it may not handle the high volumes of water.

2. When the intake becomes clogged, this prevents the pump from withdrawing water from the sump pit or sump liner.


3. In the wintertime, any water in the discharge line can freeze and clog the system. This discharge pipe is what carries water from the sump pump to outside the home. There are many different things that can clog the pipe like rocks, debris, and dirt.

Leaky Faucets

A leaky faucet not only disturbs a person’s sleep but it also multiplies your water bill and just absolutely makes everything inconvenient. So what causes a faucet to leak?…

Corrosion,  defective gaskets, 0-rings, or washers… If you don’t know how to fix this yourself, no worries you have the G Hills Plumbers that got your back. We will make this job very fast. Call and find out why we’re considered the best in the valley.

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