5 Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Own



Tool Numero 1: Water Pressure Guage


Cost: $10.00

This isn’t a tool you’ll be using all the time but it’s, without doubt, essential to have around your home.

Here’s why: If you have public water, the pressure that the town or the city send to your house is way higher than the pressure the valves & fixtures in your house are rated for.


Your house or apartment has something called a pressure regulator valve that converts the pressure the city sends to your house to levels that are safe for valves and fixtures (usually less than 60 psi)

Using a water pressure gauge Can help you Dial in your water pressure to suitable levels For your house and it can also help diagnose a problem Like if your regulator fails If this happens to water pressure in your house spikes And it can cause problems for your fixture And it can manifest a dangerous situation With your water tank If your temperature and pressure valves are not working properly The bottom line is having a tour like this gauge can be very essential for your home

Number 2: Blow Torch

Cost: $40.00

Since PEX has come around DIY plumbing Has gotten a lot easier. Using copper requires soldering joints together which means that you need a blowtorch Even if you are not comfortable or interested having a blowtorch is still a useful tool Especially if you live in an older home With galvanized piping These pipes are threaded together and over time they can be extremely hard to take apart Applying sheet with a blowtorch can help loosen them Which brings us to two number three

Tool Number 3: Pipe Wrench

Cost: $50.00

A pipe wrench is a must-have especially if you live in a older home There is no way you’re going to have galvanized pipes apart if you don’t have a pipe wrench. And even with a pipe wrench it can still be a tremendous pain in the butt. Also drain clean out caps around your home Are likely larger than typical wrenches So having a pipe wrench in Your Arsenal can be very handy to get those caps out To access otherwise difficult clogs.

Number 4: Shop Vac

Cost: $75.00

Not only is a Shop-Vac great for cleaning water spills And messes from overflows But I can also help clear out most clogs and sinks And shower drains as well Remove the filter from the Shop-Vac Dan fill  up Your tub or sink With a little bit of water In the bottom And plug the overflow with a wet rag Stick the shop vac hose in to make sure To make sure you get a nice and tight seal around the drain And then just suck out the clog A Shop-Vac is a much cheaper and much more effective way Then using expensive drain cleaning chemicals So we recommend that everybody gets one

Number 5: Adjustable Pliers

Cost: $11.00

Without a pair of these it’s going to be almost impossible to tackle on any DIY plumbing project Which is why this is probably one of the most or actually the most essential tool on this list. Loosening up Slip joint on trap assemblies Or installing shut-off valves

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