How To Unclog A Toilet With Poop In it Like A Boss

 Nasty Subject but this shouldn’t stop you from reading learning how to unclog a toilet with poop in it….. 


Read Below Y'all

Let’s Just Hop Right Into It, Step 1…….


Most blogs and how-to’s will have an introduction but if you’re looking up something on this subject you just want to know how to get your damn toilet cleaned and poop-less……

The “No Duhhhh” Method 

So after you leave your droppings inside the toilet and the toilet won’t flush you’ve got to try the “no duhhhh” method first right. This method is also known as the plunger method

Step 1: Grab some gloves- Look here readers, you’re about to handle a situation that involves feces & bacteria SO EQUIP YOURSELF WITH GLOVES!

Step 2: Equip yourself with a plunger- So this is the main tool you’re going to need for this method. I say about 98% of homes in the United States have a plunger inside of them.

Step 3: Stroke away- Firmly grasp the plunger and start plunging toilet like a boss! After about 5-10 strokes your plunger will start having pieces of poop stuck to it. Which brings me to step 4…

Step 4: Grab some garbage bags- So you can stuff away duhhhh

Step 5: Check to see if your toilet is working- So after you’ve been stroking for a minute or two it’s about time to flush the toilet to see if your labor has paid off… If your toilet hasn’t flushed the poop down completely then don’t worry we’re about to drop some more knowledge/methods below. If your toilet has flushed well, congrats!

How to Unclog a toilet without a plunger… “Like A Boss” method!  

We call it like a boss method because this method doesn’t require hard labor like the plunger method (the no duhhhh method)

Important pieces required: Dishwashing liquid, towels, and hot water!


Step 1: Towels- the toilet may overflow so you would want to put the towels underneath the toilet just in case…

Step 2: Dishwashing liquid- Give the toilet a generous amount of liquid inside of it

Step 3: Hot water- You would want to put about a liter or more of hot water inside of the toilet bowl. What this does, is it helps the dishwashing liquid penetrate the clog. It lubricates the pipes and it helps lubricate the pipes making the clog slippery.


Step 4:  Waiting game- So you may want to wait about 20 minutes after you’ve noticed that your water level has gone down, you would want to pour another liter of water.


Step 5: Wait 1 more minute: After the minute has passed by, the water should have gone down by now and BOOM! You just unclogged the toilet like a BOSS!


Now these were the main ways to unclog your toilet with poop in it. With and without a plunger. These home remedies are commonly used  by most people for decades now. Everybody can access a plunger, dishwashing soap, and hot water so try these methods out to see if it helps unclog your toilet with poop in it. If this didn’t help you out you may want to contact a plumber for assistance. If you live in the north area of Los Angeles, contact your local San Fernando Valley plumber to help you out witht this situation!