How To Use A Toilet Snake Like A Boss!

So if you’re reading this, for the most part, you know that a snake we’re talking about here isn’t an actual snake. But we’re about to give you a step by step procedure on how to unclog the most usable appliance known to man, the toilet…


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Let’s Just Hop Right Into It, Step 1…….


Most blogs and how-to’s will have an introduction but if you’re looking up something on this subject you just want to know how to get your damn toilet cleaned and poop-less……

So after you leave your droppings inside the toilet and the toilet won’t flush you most likely already have a snake at home or you about to buy one off Amazon. The way that the snake is manufactured is so unique because it can flex making it easy to go down the toilets curves. Snaking a toilet is really easy because it only requires a single movement. Treat this process like you treat the kitchen, clean! 

Step 1: Using the damn snake- Place the end of the snake or auger into the toilet. Start feeding the snake into the mouth of the drain. Notice at the end of the snake there is a hook, this will help break and grab debris that has accumulated into the pipes.

  • Make sure the plastic coating on the end of the snake is intact so it doesn’t scratch the porcelain. If it is not, wrap it in duct tape.
  • If everything is properly inserted, you should not be able to see the cable

Step 2Turn the crank handle clockwise. Once the snake is  ready to go, start steadily rotating the handle on the opposite end. This will extend the snake and force itself slowly through the pipes. Plumbing snakes are manufactured with flexible metal coils, so it will be able to bend and follow the shape of the pipes as it is unwound.

  • If it doesn’t turn, pull the snake back a little ways and quarter turn the handle counterclockwise and try again.
  • Unclogging a toilet with a snake is as simple as turning the crank a few times.

Step 3: Feel around for the clog in the pipes. If you notice the snake slowing down or coming to a stop, it may have encountered resistance. Thrust the shaft slightly to help the snake loosen up whatever is stuck deep in the pipes. Continue turning the handle in a clockwise direction until the snake clears the pipe.

  • Don’t go hard with the shaft of the snake or try to draw out the clog by force. Just keep winding and unwinding and let it wear down the clog on its own.

Step 4: Break up or pull out as much of the clog as you can. After you locate and work over the clog, rotate the handle in the opposite direction to withdraw the snake and examine what it has collected. Always pull out the clog rather than trying force it deeper into the pipe. Rinse and Repeat this process until the pipe is completely cleared.

  • Pushing the clog further in may end up making the problem worse, as eventually it can get so deep that you can no longer reach it.
  • Always make sure to sanitize your snake after each use. This can be accomplished by rinsing the snake off outside with a garden hose. You can also leave the end of the snake in the toilet for a few flushes after you’ve added toilet bowl cleaner.

Step 5: So it’s time to dispose the clog. So first things first, you’re going want to cover your floor with towels or something with that nature to keep your floor clean.

Step 6: Wear Gloves- This is a messy job, so you might as well keep your hands clean right… Debris that is snagged on the end of the snake will have to be removed by hand.

Step 7: Trash Bag Ready-  You’ve managed to pull out the clog that’s been blocking the pipe, but now what do you do with it? Don’t be dumb by trying to flush it again and risk creating a new problem, have a trash bag or bucket on hand that you can put the icky clog material into. That way, you can simply drop the bag in the garbage or give the bucket a good rinse and carry on with your day.

Step 8: Flush the pipes with toilet cleaner. Once the job is done, plunge the toilet a few times to get rid of any residuals of the clog. Then, pour some concentrated toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet and give it a couple flushes. The chemicals in toilet cleaning solutions are potent enough to dissolve and whisk away whatever residual debris remains in the pipes. As an added bonus, your latrine will be sparkly clean, sanitized and ready for use afterward

And there you have it that is the exact step-by-step process to snaking your toilet. In 8 easy steps. Now if you’re still having problems with your toilet, you may want to contact your local plumber.

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