Sewer video inspection 91344

Sewer Video Inspection is today’s modern way to go underneath a person’s home or business to see if their water, sewer, or main line is fractured or clogged. We’ll have a plumber over to your location and have the check your pipes

Video Inspecting

Do you got a sewer or pipe problem but you have no idea what it is or where to dig?A low-cost video inspection just might help out.

Back in the day, dig points were much like an educational guess. Today, however sewer video cameras and location equipment, It is a simple matter pulling the video camera out pinpointing with our location equipment. This is a process where you call our Granada Hills Plumbing Company to run a video line through your pipes.
The video will extend down your branch lines or down to your sewer lines. At the end of the line is a camera that allows you to see the inside of your pipes in real time and in deep detail.

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