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Yeah, Snake lines work and do they get the job done (sometimes) but we’ll explain why High-Pressure Water Jetting works so efficiently and fast.

High-Pressure Water Jetting 91344


So what is High-Pressure Water Jetting?  This is a technique of cleaning and unblocking drains. This technique involves using high-pressure water up to 4,000 PSI/12 gallons per minute, to unclog drains in an efficient and eco-friendly way. If your drains are done professionally by a Granada Hills Plumber, you may not experience any kind of problems with your drainage system in the future. As opposed to  Snaking or Rooting your drains, it will never really clean the pipe completely and will leave some residue and the will be considered “done”. Some excessive stuff can be sticky in your pipes and there will a higher chance for your pipes to stick again. Although we can do rooter and snake jobs we always recommend high-pressure water jetting jobs to promise you a flow of clean water with no blockage.

The beauty of high-pressure water jetting is that no chemicals or acid is being used (which would leave a nasty odor) it’s all water and you’ll won’t have to worry about nasty odors in your home or business. Hence, water-jetting is a cleaner method that doesn’t pose any health risk.

Since water is the most valuable resource in the history of mankind and forever will be, it may seem like water-jetting will be wasting water. Not the case at all since it’s just the pressure of water that is being used and not a heavy volume of water. An advantage of choosing water jetting services is available for commercial and residential drain problems.

So people now that you’re aware of the advantages of choosing High-Pressure Water Jetting please make sure to always select this service when it comes to unblocking or unclogging your drains.


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