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Pipe Bursting 

Before we start the pipe bursting or doing any CIPP (Cured-In-Place-Pipe) service, we’ll have one of our technicians do a sewer video inspection; it will be determined whether the pipes need to be repaired or replaced. Also, the video that’s been recorded will which parts of the pipe need to be repaired.  There are instances where pipes are way too damaged and corroded to do any trenchless method; hence, we’ll have to do the trench method and it will suck because it will absolutely destroy your landscaping but these are rare occasions.

But anyways how the trenchless pipe bursting method works, our team begin the work by digging up two holes & will use a “hammer” to fracture and push the pipe while simultaneously laying down the new pipe in its place.

cipp (cured-in-place-pipe)

CIPP methods have been around for years and have been proven to extend the life cycle of underground sewer lines simply cost prohibitive to excavate and prohibitive. CIPP is a jointless, seamless, pipe within a pipe with the capability to rehabilitate ranging in diameter 2-110 inches.. #wow

Installing a CIPP lining solution is an actually a simple process. Our Granada Hills Plumbing team inserts a resin-impregnated liner within the host pipe ., inverts the liner and then the heat cures it to form the same rigid shape as the original shape. 


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